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More About Yin Yoga

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It is a nourishing and grounding practice, with poses held between 3 to 10 minutes each with a focus on floor based postures. This allows a deep release of tension in the connective tissues  to help improve flexibility and create a feeling of space and freedom in your body. Because of its slow, meditative nature, Yin can be both mentally and physically challenging at times as well as deeply relaxing.


Yin yoga is a slow and mindful  practice and works from a place of calm and surrender, encouraging us to embrace our gentler yin nature, cultivating inner body awareness and noticing the different sensations that arise.


Suitable for all levels, it is a practice for all body shapes, sizes and ages and a perfect compliment to your more yang practices. 

With so much of our attention turned outwards in these busy modern times,  the practice of Yin yoga invites you to find balance and create space by bringing your attention inwards and tuning into your body.

Slow down, let go, create space and tune in.

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Amanda Richards B.Sc, Dip.Hom


Amanda Richards is Level 2 certified in Yin yoga by Joe Barnett, and has been teaching yin exclusively since October 2017, and practicing various forms of yoga since 1995.  She was first was introduced to Iyenagar yoga in her mid  20's. While in her 30's she traveled to India where she spent 8 wonderful months learning and practicing Hatha yoga, and where she also began an inner journey of practicing and studying meditation, sitting silent residential retreats in India, Canada, the United States and New Zealand. When Amanda was introduced to Yin yoga - she discovered that this was where her passion for yoga and meditation met.

"My intention is to create a safe space where we can explore our inner landscapes, experience embodied stillness and presence and so begin to trust ourselves more deeply."

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