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Music Studio -
Practice | Songwriting | Recording

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Off-the-Grid Recording / Practice Studio

Where privacy and nature help your creative process. Located right at the base of Mt. Grandview, inspiration is sure to strike, with mountain, lake and valley views in all directions.

A climate controlled private studio. Hire by the hour or stay with us to create your next project.

Artist's Retreat for Songwriting/Recording

Stay with us at our BnB, and let us take care of you while you create. A true artist's retreat.  Stay in the yurt or Fantail cabin, breakfast included with the option of other meals as well.


Please enquire about rates and availability.


- Model B Concert Grand

- Tuned and ready to go.

Macbook Pro

- ProTools

- Presonus Studio 4

- Runs both MAC and Windows 10

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Mackie I/O

- Oynx 16-Channel Mixer


- RØDE NT5's.(x2) (Paired) (Piano/Inst)

- Blue Baby Bottle (Vox) w/pop filter

- Shure Vox Stage Mics (x2) & Inst Mic


- Lexicon MX400 Reverb/FX Processor

- Presonus RC-500 Processor/EQ

- Alesis Microverb II (Vintage)

- Boss RC-300 Loop Station


- Please enquire if you would like to use one of our electric or acoustic guitars, ukulele or charango

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- Mackie HR 624 nearfield for workstation

- Mackie SRM 350 w/Stands for live

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The studio is set up for live practice on either the Steinway or other instruments via Mackie mixer, monitors and mics. For recording there's a tidy and comfortable workstation with Mackie nearfield monitors, headphones computer,  &I/O

The Workspace
What we are and what we're not:

hat we are is a small but tidy  music studio for recording and practice in a country setting. We're perfectly set up for someone who has their own interface and laptop with recording software and can provide the mics and piano. However we've also got Studio One by Presonus, on Mac or PC with top Presonus interface. Plus, your accommodation is only steps away in either our Fantail or Cosy Cabin.

WORKING WITH NATURE: What we're not is a full in-house music studio that you'll find in the city. We have to work bit around the weather such as wind and rain. But it's all worth it because of the atmosphere. The room is well insulated but is not a studio room within in building.

So it's good to keep that in mind when you're booking with Mountain Spirit.. Having said all that, the room has great acoustics for a good final sound for recording. You won't need many plug-in's as what you're recording is pretty darn good out of the gates. It's also stellar practice space. Give us a call to discuss your music plans. We'd love to see if it's a good match!


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