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Benefits & Nature of Group Meditation

Service brings the joy of knowing that your daily actions support life. You become part of the planet’s evolution, not its degradation. You live in peace with your conscience because you have fulfilled your duty to be a steward of every aspect of nature, down to the most sacred level.

Remembrance brings the satisfaction of expanded possibilities. You are not limited to being one individual lost in a sea of humanity. You find your authentic self and your authentic truth. A unique path to mastery is opened for you and the group at a silent level of expanded awareness.

Communion brings the satisfaction of being at home in the world. The rest of the human family is part of you. Older and younger generations are no longer separated by a gap but work together toward the vision of a world without poverty, ignorance, and violence.

A spiritual lifestyle can be condensed into three concepts

  • Service without regard for the self. In service your actions harm no one and benefit everyone. You spread the influence of peace, which you have found personally in meditation.

  • Remembrance. In meditation you contact your source, the true self, and thus you remember who you really are. As you learn more about your true nature, your purpose for being here strengthens.

  • Communing with others and sharing knowledge. You want to belong in the community of peace and wisdom, a desire that can be shared with others who are like-minded.

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