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A Bit More About Mountain Spirit

We're an off-the-grid organic secluded sanctuary, near Wanaka, New Zealand. We host individuals, families, and groups. Get away for a weekend and relax, or join in one of our programs in the beautiful Southern Alps.

There's a twist: It's not just about going within - meditation & yoga. It's also about connecting with community - with your fellow participants, through activities - sailing, hiking, rock climbing, or even helping out with your fellow participants in the kitchen.

We provide the space and support for you to go an adventurous journey without and within.


Our guests love the experience! People who join us on our programs tend to  come away with an "Ah-hah moment" of their connection to loved one's and nature.

Our goal is to help people discover to their own self reliance, develop more of their compassionate side, and to foster a sense of service, help others in a small community project while they're here,

You'll come away with an increased sense of joy and peace.

"The deeper you go within, the
more beautiful you will find
yourself to be."

"I will believe the truth about
myself, no matter how
beautiful it is."
Velma Frye

Our Values

Healthy Communication, Open Hearted Listening, Healing

Teamwork, giving and receiving feedback, creating a group charter of agreements/operating principles, creating goals, roles, and how to build a healthy group and community.

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Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

Learn about growing organic food, living off-the-grid with solar power and batteries, composting, and living a more sane lifestyle. Good skills to know during, and after peak oil.

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Body Mind and Spirit

Yoga, Wellness, Meditation and a sense of joy and peace through being present.

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Indigenous Wisdom

Those that have lived traditional lives on the planet have a connection to themselves and the earth. In New Zealand, the Maori culture, in North America, the Native Americans, and in South America, the Quechua and Aymara people have a wisdom worth listening to. We plan to be collaborating with, and learning from, local teachers here in NZ.

International Cultural Immersion

We've run programs in Peru and Bolivia, and found international travel invaluable in getting people out of their comfort zones. Climbing and  hiking,  family stays and backcountry village experiences have had profound effects on our participants. We plan to offer more of Peru and Bolivian educational experiences.

Outdoor Experiential Learning:
Mountain Skills, Challenge, Leadership and Teamwork, Spirit.

There's a spirit on mountaintops. It takes you deeper place within yourself. But you have to climb there. You have to push your boundaries, step out of your comfort zone. Come learn new skills with others, develop compassion, teamwork and self- reliance with time for reflection of the place, and your experience in it

Collaboration with local leadership

We collaborate and contract with
local qualified guides and instructors when needed. We're still getting all needed land-use permits from the New Zealand government (DOC).
Until then, we'll be running programs
at Mountain Spirit and other private lands or operating under the contractor's permit.

Mountain Spirit owns Lake Wanaka Yacht Charters, and we run programs (such as team-building, family retreats, couples workshops) on the 25' yacht, "Astrolabe" based on Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea.

Mountain Spirit NZ and US

Mountain Spirit NZ is owned by Amanda and Randall and is a mission based for-profit business.

Mountain Spirit Institute in the US was started by Randall in 1998 as a non-profit organization. Like our NZ company, it is based on spiritual experiential education, and has a governing board of directors. The organisation is based in New Hampshire.

“I regard it as the foremost task of education: to ensure the survival of these qualities: an enterprising curiosity, an undefeatable spirit, tenacity in pursuit, readiness for sensible self-denial, and above all, compassion”

                              Kurt Hahn

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