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New Zealand Media Collective

The NZ Media Collective is group generated as a result of the "Queenstown Hui" after the Wellington protest against mandates and government overreach. 
This is a collaborative effort of media content providers, marketing specialists, and doco film producers committed to  future of honest media in NZ. We support each other and share news tips in an atmosphere of trust.

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Our Values:

We have created a founding document called a Charter of agreements, (attached below), a set of concepts which keeps communication flowing, and sets the tone for going forward. Such points in a charter are items such as “confidentiality, giving and receiving feedback, having fun” etc.


If you would like to join teh conversation, we ask that you agree to the Charter of Agreements, which is a living document, meaning we can change it going forward. The Charter of Agreements is not a Code of Ethics, which we have not created at the time of this writing.  One touchstone of this group, from the start is a spirit of trust.

Our Vision

The members of this group all realise a need to get an alternative truthful narrative out to as a many people as possible in New Zealand through various channels and methods, including but not limited to, print, FM radio, online channels. We assume that we’re more effective doing this collaboratively. To that end, our vision to share information, collaborate and facilitate each other’s professional growth in truth media.

For More Information:
Randall Richards, Facilitator, Chief Bottle Washer    |    02041112668

Get in Touch

This webpage is sponsored by Mountain Spirit Ltd for NZMC members but is not affiliated with Mountain Spirit. 

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Not a good look for NZ Police at Parliament. I took this image of Police roughing up and arresting protesters early on during the Wellington event where we asked govt. officials to speak with us.
They never did.

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