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Open Hearted Communication

Monthly Meet-up

Amanda and Randall Richards offer up an invitation to go deeper into your relationship. Based on Open Hearted Listening as well as the practice of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now, we'll set the stage for you to explore communicating with an open heart, and staying present.

Skills We'll cover:

  • How to listen non-defensively to your partner (and possibly be heard yourself for the first time)

  • How to communicate without antagonism around charged issues (sex, money, children, housework, etc.)

  • How to create a safe environment in which painful feelings are acknowledged and accepted rather than judged

  • How to ask your partner for change in a way that isn't futile

Open Hearted Listening Meetup is

  • a safe place to build community

  • a confidential forum

  • a laboratory for personal disarmament

  • a place where you realise most of our relationship problems are really similar

  • a realization that you can do this.

  • a forum for growth of both partners

  • a place where you can safely try on new patterns of communication

Open Hearted Listening is not

  • not about "airing dirty laundry"

  • not about feeling bad about learning to be real

  • not a threatening process


We're co-facilitating this group and are passionate about sharing our journey through open hearted listening. We are facilitating this group not because we have all the answers but because we're still doing the work we'll show you and ask you to do.

We know couples with whom we attended OHL meetups with Don and Martha who  clearly state they would not be together if it weren't for doing Open Hearted Listening and attending a meetup.

Randall & Amanda copy.jpg

"We hope you'll join us for an inner adventure of Open Hearted Listening"

Randall & Amanda Richards

The Details:

  • Suggested donation of $30/couple each session.

  • Space is limited to 4-5 couples.

  • First meet with Amanda and Randall to learn more, and see if this is for you.

  • Once you decide you would like to attend, we ask that you commit to 6 months attendance

  • LOCATION: We meet monthly in Hawea at Mountain Spirit's Secluded Sanctuary - time and day of the week, to be determined.

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