Upper Clutha HomeSchool Skiing 

Hey! Shall we have some fun?

Open to kids in the homeschool group of the Wanaka, and the Upper Clutha. I'm happy to teach/coach a group of up to 8 or 9 kids at Treblecone, and Cardi's at no charge. It might be wise to check in with them to make sure I can teach friends, which should be fine. If I get a greenlight, I'll proceed. I'd especially like to offer "Snow appreciation activities" like making forts, looking at snow profiles up at the top of the lifts, and stepping a wee bit off the trail to experience the quietude of the mountains. in winter. For those that have the gear and experience, we could also do a little adventure on TC's side-country up on the easy ridge to the west. We could also do a beginner's/intermediate class. Finding another instructor would also be key. 

Here are a few considerations 

  • Minimum age and abilities: I'll let you know. Ideally it would be great to have an beginners/early skiers class as well as an upper level class.

  • Most likely Mondays would be the day,

  • Hours: tbd. To cut costs, we could do half-days

  • Homeschoolers do get a discount pass, just show proof of exemption or curriculum. We're paying $125

  • So far, just skiing lessons are proposed not snowboarding at this time.

  • Carpool would be best

  • You must rent or have your own gear

  • You'd need to buy your own ski ticket.

  • This idea is pending OK from the ski area.

  • I'll provide a list of what to bring and more details soon.

  • Let me know what you'd like, and we'll come up with a group consensus on what to offer, and how we'll proceed with ages, abilities and instructors, and depending upon your interest.

  • Most important goals? To be safe and have FUN!

  • Questions? Give me a ring at 0204-111-2668
    Randall Richards



Learning the basics at TC, any guesses who this is?
Summit Rocks, TC - A nice walk to the summit from the chair. 40min return walk, or of course ski down.
Monkeying around on a snow bank, making forts and digging holes are the best way to have fun in the mountains. And even taking few turns is good too!