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The Weekend Solo

Get Away from Distractions -

Go on an Inward Journey in Nature

Stay with us on our property, and experience the quite for a few days with the benefit of ritual. We’ll set the stage for your solo, you commit to being here and now for the weekend. We’ll assign you a spot after a group meeting, a brief ceremony and safety briefing. You’ll head out with just the basics – a small tent, a bit of food and lots of water. No books, no watches – just the sun and stars and you.

The Details

  • DATES: 18-20 Oct, 2019 (or call)

  • COST: $225

  • Arrive here on a Friday afternoon, stay on site for a Welcome Orientation and goal setting session after a light dinner.

  • A light breakfast, a brief sending off ceremony. You'll then put up your tent and settle in. We'll play the flute on mid-day Sunday, signaling it's your time to start packing up.

  • Bring a sleeping bag, bug screen and the basics, but no watch, i-anything, or books. The goal is to unplug and connect to nature and yourself.

  • We'll set the stage for what can be a most powerful and life-changing experience.

  • Includes preparation and framing for the solo, optional sharing of personal goals and concerns, safety briefing, site orientation, de-brief and closing ceremony.

Take a Break
Your mind needs one

"Being alone in nature for three days with minimal distractions, provides a powerful exploration into one’s self and can bring forth value forming experiences.

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