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Please Join us

All are welcome to attend our Silent Local Group based mostly on the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. We'll listen to the audio version of the book, read by Tolle. Once completed, the group can decide whether to start again at the beginning or go on to other material of Tolle's writings or videos.


2nd Sunday of every month there's the classic meetup format. The group starts with 20 minutes of silence (silent meditation), followed by an Eckhart Tolle audio or video recording. The group meeting ends with a 10 to 20 minute silent meditation. This is based on the format suggested on the Eckhart Tolle Local Groups page.

The purpose of attending or facilitating a Silent Local Group is to share the teachings and practice Presence with others through meditative silence.


4th Sunday of every month, 7pm, we choose a subject from the Power of Now, listen to the passage, and participants can share about what the concept means to them. Cool stuff!

"Life is an adventure, it's not a package tour."

"The Power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present."

             Eckhart Tolle


The Details

  • WHERE: Meetups held in the yurt or tipi  at Mountain Spirit Secluded Sanctuary. For directions see the contact page or contact us

  • WHEN:

    • 2nd Sunday, 7pm of every month at 7pm for Silent Meet-up

    • 4th Sunday, 7pm, Power of Now Subject and Sharing Meet-up


Upcoming Topics


    • Experiencing Life in the Now

    • Staring with: CD 2 Track 7

    • 2nd Sunday of January 2020


    • Presence Determines the Quality of our Future

    • CD 2 Track 10/11

    • 4th Sunday of January 2020, 7pm


Sample Topics


    • Presence Determines the Quality of our Future

    • Nature of the Pain Body

    • Progress on a Spiritual Path

    • Spiritual Purpose of Relationships

    • Seeking Enlightenment Outside of one's self

    • Surrender doesn't mean giving up.

    • Symptoms of Dissolving the Ego

    • Finding Life under Your Life Situation

    • The Danger of Hope

    • Parable of the Beggar and the Gold

    • Unsubstantiality of the Pain Body

    • Impermanence

    • Complaining

    • Conscious Activism

    • Dealing with Crisis

    • Portals into the Now