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Zen of Sailing

Explore presence, awareness of body, mind and spirit under sail. Experience travel on Lake Wanaka under the lake's terms, whether windy or calm, we'll be in whatever weather the lake serves up, and learn a bit about ourselves in the process.

Too often, we rush about our daily lives, forgetting the basics of being in the moment. Sailing offers a respite from the mind and rush of thought. Wind, water and waves combine with solitude offering an experiential approach to learning presence.

Join up to 4 other adults for a half day sail and meditation on an island

or remote beach.

What to Expect

  • A great time, going within, experiencing Lake Wanaka

  • Low-key facilitation, bringing awareness to the present moment

  • Short discussions - reflecting on your experiences, sharing with others

  • Beach landing - Basic Yin Yoga with Amanda Richards (weather permitting)

  • A safe place to express and explore feelings and experiences

  • Whether you've sailed before or never been on a boat, Randall will make you feel at home on the water,

  • Depending on the winds and weather, we'll find secluded beaches for yoga practice before moving onto the water again.

  • Safety on board always



DATES: 6-8 Dec. 2019

COST: $595



  • Overnight stay on the 7.7 metre self-contained Astrolabe Yacht.

  • Organic Breakfast, lunch and dinner on board

  • Bedding

  • Headlamp

  • All Safety Gear

What you'll need to bring

  • Sunglasses, hat, Warm clothes, camera, journal, water bottle, toiletries.


Lake Wanaka - The perfect place to reconnect with yourself, others and the spirit of the place.


Experience the healing energy of Lake Wanaka, rejuvenate yourself with a small group of others aboard The Astrolabe yacht.



20170521_154405 copy v2.jpg

Randall  is the co-facilitator and skipper for this program. We sail the Noelex 7.7m yacht Astrolabe, which is inspected by Maritime New Zealand. Randall has a  MNZ skippers license and has instructed/facilitated courses for years at Outward Bound and Mountain Spirit and other guiding companies.  He has meditated since his early teens, and has been in a leadership role with various Peruvian shamanic, Native American, and meditation retreats and programs. Amanda teaches the Yin Yoga section and has a wonderful way of helping participants connect deeply with their inner selves when taking one of her yoga sessions.

Just bring yourselves, suncreen, a windbreaker, hat and sunglasses and a bag lunch. We'll show you the ropes so you can pitch in as much or little as you want,  - teamwork and centeredness are two goals/outcomes of the program.

If you're interested in more details contact us!

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