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Back of Beyond 25 Feb, 4pm 
Craig Denham of ALPACA SOCIAL CLUB (who played at Mountain Spirit last year) will be joined this year by multi-instrumentalist Nathan Torvik, (playing bass and guitar... at the same time, and mandolin). They go by the name Back of Beyond, and according to Craig, "you’ll be getting,  just as good if not better, as last year!" 
Location: Murray Gibson's stunning farm in beautiful Maungawera valley with uninterrupted views of the mountainous surrounds.  Because we all need a good dance!

MONDAY, 25 FEB , 4PM till 7ish


Host, and Location:

Murray Gibson:

402 Maungawera Valley Road

TICKETS: $25/Pers. transfer in advance, ($30 at the door, cash) kids under 15 free


Book tickets online

PRICE: $25 online $30 at the door, however we encourage you to please book online.
BYO: Picnic, plates, cups etc, and please take your own trash. Thanks!
CARPOOL: If possible combine rides, but they’ll be parking available of course.

VFF Friendly / Family Friendly
Bring your own blanket, picnic, chairs, and umbrella - Weather forecast is good.
An evening you won't forget! Because after what we've been through, we want some fun!
See you here!

Please share this link with your open-minded and open-hearted friends!

Here's a snapshot of their music:

QUESTIONS?: Get in touch 
Text: 02041112668, Randall
Telegram: @mtnspirit / randall richards


The Coffeehouse Concept

Randall had started a couple of volunteer concert music series over the years, one in Leavenworth, Washington and years later in Sunapee, New Hampshire. The concept turned out to be quite popular and are still going active, with the basic formula of:

A) Listening room (usually an indoors venue) for musicians to be heard, This attracts great musos. Conversations happen during between set breaks where the community can catch up. This "listening room" works more in an evening enclosed venue/hall, rather than our open-air stages during the day.

B) Pass the hat for the musos or cause, and a portion usually goes to the venue rental

C) Volunteers who help host, set-up and even provide and serve
D) Open mic  A portion of the event, or a dedicated event is for open-mic to foster new talent in a supportive and listening room environment. 


"I started The Community Coffeehouse, because I wanted a safe and supportive environment to perform new material. I had been a back-up, and background pianist, but wanted to expand to guitar and singing. A venue to build community without masks, mandates and passes, is also important, especially in these times."

Side Note

I recently happened to stumble upon this interesting definition of the term Coffeehouse, but never realised its origin when I created earlier coffeehouses in the states. Interesting how things turn out:
"GI Coffeehouses were a consequential part of the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War era, particularly the resistance to the war within the U.S. military. They were mainly organized by civilian anti-war activists as a method of supporting antiwar and anti-military sentiment...Read more here 


We have three volunteers all set to help with parking and tickets

Does anyone have a spare room for our two musicians from Back of Beyond who are Craig and Nathan?
We housed them last year and would do it again, but we're chocker with BnB guests.

We need 60 tickets sold to make it fly, and we're up to 17 as of 20th of Feb. Help out by booking your tickets online, besides it's cheaper!


We've had our Inaugural Community Coffeehouse and a second one as well, both at Camphill Coffee hosted by the wonderful Leanne Harling at 546 Camphill Road, Hawea Flat, 

Voices Thumbnail.jpg

Our sound test for the Inaugural Community Coffeehouse, Randall singing a new creation "Voices" and VFF co-coordinator Olivia on Flute: Hear it here
Image/Video Credit: Garrick Cameron

Pop-up Coffeehouses

Takin to the streets:

The plan is to take the Community Coffeehouse on the road. Why not visit other VFF community groups on the South Island? To be clear this is not (yet) sanctioned by Voices for Freedom. Although Randall is a co-facilitator with a few others, helping our local facilitator Olivia here in Wanaka, he is doing this on his own, hopefully with the help of local volunteers. 

If you would like the Community Coffeehouse to come to your local VFF or similar group, get in touch, or I'll contact you soon. And have some musos ready to share their inspiration!

Music in Wanaka's VFF Group

Listen to the Music:

The silver lining of all this mess we've been experiencing in Wellington, with mandates etc.,  is the connections we're all making here in the Upper Clutha, Wanaka and Queenstown. 

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