Retreat and replenish

Trusting our intuition to speak louder than our fears


In these busy modern times, slowing down, becoming still and paying attention to our inner world

is like medicine for the body, heart, mind and soul.

Retreat & replenish is an invitation to slow everything down, create space and go within -

trusting our deeper intuition & empowering us to make the right decisions

You will be nurtured and nourished through the practices of an extended yin yoga session (2hours), meditation, pranamaya, journaling and walking in nature.

Homemade, home-grown organic light lunch, snacks and teas included.
Book your spot now. $95pp, Max 8ppl

To find out more - contact Amanda on 0204 111 2669 | amanda@mtnspirit.org


October 3rd

On-site accommodation is available

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In the practice of Yin yoga, we find balance by bringing our attention inwards, using our senses to guide us on an inquiry & inner exploration. Through attentive awareness of the breath, sensations in the body & mind and the sounds we hear around us, we can more easily access a portal to presence and embodied stillness. It is from this place, when our minds are quiet, that our intuition speaks louder than our fears and we can begin to trust ourselves more deeply.

“The deeper you go within,the more beautiful you will find yourself to be"

Author unknown, seen written on a rock in India