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An opportunity to step out of the stress and demands of the dense forest of your daily life and create a clearing from where you can connect more deeply with your intuitive wisdom and creativity.


In these busy modern times, slowing down, becoming still and paying attention to your inner world

is like medicine for the body, heart, mind and soul.

This one day retreat is an invitation to slow everything down, create space and go within -

trusting our deeper intuition & empowering us to make the right decisions

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A Day Retreat

10-6pm, 1st Sunday @ month - 4 Sept, 2 Oct, 6 Nov, 4 Dec

This nurturing day is designed for you to melt into a supportive and healing space to relax and tune in more deeply with your heart and soul. You will feel cared for from the moment you walk into the space. This day will fill you up, ignite a deeper connection with the truth in your heart and invite you to more consciously create a life you can thrive in.


Max 8 participants, $155pp

Includes - The entire day of yoga, meditation, guided journal writing and vision boarding, nature walk as well as an organic, nourishing shared lunch, teas and snacks.

To book or find out more, contact me, Amanda Richards on 0204 111 2669 or by email, or go to our website

Tickets -

Accommodation available - please get in touch

“The deeper you go within,the more beautiful you will find yourself to be"

Author unknown, seen written on a rock in India