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Let's Collaborate!

We host speakers/teachers

Venue Hire

Collaborate on a program

The future is collaboration - and we love to co-create programs with other like-minded qualified teachers and leaders. We have co-instructed with quite a variety of teachers.  If you have an idea, and are passionate about what you do, get in touch!

Hosting Speakers / Teachers

We have hosted varied musicians, authors, lecturers and teachers here in New Zealand, and prior, in the US over the years. If you are interested in presenting on the South Island of New Zealand, in the Wanaka area, our venue provides a setting conducive to helping participants reconnect to nature, others, and themselves. We're low-key, and out of the way with great views in a quiet peaceful setting but only 20 minutes from Wanaka and an hour from Queenstown International Airport.

Venue hire - Run your own program 

We can provide the space for you to organise and present your own program and material. Let us organise the logistics with your direction, and you can focus on presenting. We have experience in project and event management ranging from university programs, to corporate development to solar festivals!

Creating your own Weekend

Create Wknd

We invite you to create your own customised weekend (or longer), that serves you best. We have the environment and the skills, and will tailor an experience for you. You choose the dates, who's coming and your focus. We offer retreats that are tailored for families, connecting and bringing the family unit closer together in this digital age.  The focus is sharing experiences that are designed for bonding with your children (esp. teenagers) creating safety and trust for all members of the family. Sailing, rock climbing, picking your veggies from our garden, and collecting eggs from the chickens then cook a meal with your children.  Unplug and connect with people that matter,  doing things that matter.

Kirtana v2 PR.jpg


Kirtana is a spiritual recording artist and international performer based in California. Her music inspires presence, compassion and gratefulness. Her performance was our first event in New Zealand.

DSC_3006 copy.jpg

Master Wu De

A true teacher and leader of the Zen way of tea, teaching the history and importance of reverence, respect and meditation through the tea ceremony.

Some of Mountain Spirit's previous collaborations

And some of our previous collaborations at

Mountain Spirit Institute, our sister organization in the US


Lama Willa Miller

Natural Dharma Fellowship

Founder of the Wonderwell Center, and spiritual head of NDF, Lama Willa is a gifted, and well-educated spiritual leader who is passionate about bringing the wilderness and the teaching of Buddha together.

Snatam 004.jpg

Snatum Kaur

Snatam is a gift of our age. Her music has been heard by hundreds of thousands through her recordings and live performances internationally.

AOL#3'07 016.jpg

Theo Paredes,

Poqan Kanchay Foundation

Sr. Theo, (L) is the founder of the Poqen Kanchay Foundation in Cusco, Peru and has taught a program on shamanism for Mountain Spirit spanning over two years.

CutlerH_web copy.jpg

Dr. Howard Cutler, Author

The Art of Happiness

Co-author with HH The Dali Lama, Dr. Cutler has presented a workshop and author signing for Mountain Spirit. He is a well-respected, articulate and honest writer about the art of living.

Albert & RR.jpg

Albert Whitehat

of the Lakota Nation

The late Mr. Whitehat was a teacher and spiritual elder of the Rosebud Reservation of the Lakota Nation. He is missed by many of his students who he inspired through his humor and wisdom.

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