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Welcome to Mountain Spirit Media
Randall Richards

"The Other MSM"

Our blog has been up and running for over 14 years, so there's tons of info there. There's also quite a bit of content on my personal FB page, Some of these platforms are are still under construction..

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The Latest:



  • I'll soon start adding my previous content that was taken down during the Wellington protests

  • I'm still collecting interviews of people from Wanaka who were at Wellington for the protest.

The Backstory

I'm a former "stringer" for United Press International, and was trained by Suki Coughlin in New Hampshire in photojournalism. I covered the presidential campaigns that cycled through our state in the primaries and main elections. I also covered general interest and other news and worked as a local reporter.

Since those days I have been a sports photographer, and blogger for our Mountain Spirit blog. , a general interest platform that covers our broad mission statement. But I never really touched "the third rail" of conspiracy or deep state, although I've been well-versed in it since my childhood days, listening to my *uncle at family picnics, who was a  4-star career US army general, who worked with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in the Pentagon. He talked about the CFR, Tri-lateralists,  back when these secret orgs were just starting up.. I thought he was a bit crazy, until I started making my own enquiries while working as a stringer.. Needless to say, worrying about what people think about my blog - those days are over, long over. (*I'm working on getting his memoirs from my cousin which he has somewhere in a desk drawer. He says my uncle "was more than just a general in the Corps of Engineers, we was deep in intellegence")

During the Wellington protests against Covid Mandates, I dusted off my skills as a news photojournalist, created a Telegram channel on day one of the protests, and started interviewing people on the ground. I got some good stuff, and people were responding well to my style and content. 


20200902_132831 copy 4.jpg
Banner Front Lines copy.png

On the front lines showing the police line a copy of

RFK Jr's book. I said, "This book proves we're not crazy on this side of the line. Please join us."

20220210_142510 copy.jpg

Not a good look for NZ Police at Parliament. I took this image of Police roughing up and arresting protesters early on during the Wellington event where we asked govt. officials to speak with us.
They never did.

Near the end of our stay there, somehow, all the content I had posted on my Telegram channel was removed. Within minutes before our departure from Parliament grounds, my phone somehow lost all its charge by dramatically losing battery life in a matter of minutes. None of my portable charger packs worked.,Later in Christchurch I took the phone to a repair shop who "liked challenges", and said they'd have the phone back up in 24 hrs. When I checked in, they said, "We don't know what's wrong with it, sorry!". I asked if they could at least retrieve the data, interviews and images on the SD card. "Sure" they said, "Give us a couple of hours." When I called, they said all the data had been encrypted and the only way to decrypt it, was by using the phone on which it was created. I never encypt my data.

Fortunately our local tech guru here in Wanaka, NZ was able to revive my phone, decrypt and retrieve the data.Because others at the Wellington protest also had very strange things happen to their phones, I'm convinced the government has the capability to zero in on one's phone, and disrupt, encrypt data, and even kill phones. I must have interviewed the wrong people.I'm in the process of "building back better" with multiple platforms. Now that I have all the interviews and images, I'll start putting it out there in one data dump, as I had interviews and stories from well before the protest. And of course, I'm interviewing people that were in Wellington to get eyewitness accounts of what really happened. Family life back here at Mountain Spirit and on the farm is also keeping my occupied, but I'm working on my own "great reset" - so stay tuned. On this page I'll be posting links to the various platforms on which my content will be posted.


Randall Richards

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