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Open Hearted Communication

Monthly Meet-up

"Perhaps the central challenge of intimate partnership is keeping the heart open when it wishes to close. Only by learning a new way of listening and responding to our partner can we move toward this goal. By opening to the difficulty inherent in relationship we transform it into something of value: pain and conflict become the raw materials for compassion and joy."

Don Rosenthal, Author of The Uncharted Journey

The "Problem"

Communication breaks down, resentment builds, loss of compassion and understanding for the other's perspective,

desperation and unhappiness.

A Solution

Relationship as a Spiritual Practice*

Learning to Live with an Open Heart

What if there was a way to really be heard by your partner?  What if there was a way to get "unstuck?" What if the very obstacles you have struggled against in your relationship turned out to be the keys to a depth of love and harmony that you have only dreamed about?  And what if all this did not require years of hard work digging around in "the past," but was available now? *

Randall and Amanda Richards are offering a monthly meetup for interested couples in a emotionally safe environment based on the work by Don and Martha Rosenthal using a process called

Open Hearted Listening.

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* Used with permission from the Rosenthals

Don and Martha are the authors of Learning to Love


We plan to host them here New Zealand to run a couples retreat.

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