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Create Your Own Experience

Join Amanda and Randall for a personalised self-catering retreat

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Our guests come here for different reasons, but one thing they all have in common is to reconnect with themselves, each other, and with nature.


We consider all who are staying with us new friends, and because they're coming to either just relax or recenter, we're enjoying helping them find what they're looking for by setting the stage. Click on the titles to learn more.


You’ll have secure accommodation in the Fantail Sleepout, where you’ll have an outdoor, but enclosed kitchen on the porch. You can prepare basic meals there, and we’d like have you for dinner with us the first night and at least another dinner while you’re with us! We serve homemade bread, apricot jam from our trees, and butter, on most mornings.

The cost for accommodation is  $110 /night but take a 10% discount off that price If you're staying with us for more than 5-days.  We get rave reviews on the shower, by the way. The accommodation has a great little propane wall heater so you’ll be toasty and comfortable. We also have an outside kiwi tub.

Yin Yoga

During your time with us, there are Yin-Yoga classes that Amanda offers, on Mondays at 9am and you join in one of her group classes. The cost is $20 or $95 for private, where lots of personal attention, growth and healing can happen. Private clients have expressed a great value for attending a private yoga.

Serenity Sailing on Lake Wanaka

Randall is a licensed skipper and with Amanda, own a licensed commercial sailing yacht on Lake Wanaka. The self-contained 25' Noelex is comfortable, stable and large enough for comfort on an half-day or overnight expedition farther up the lake. The boat is a perfect setting for reconnecting with the pace of nature, to reconnect with loved ones, through meditation, journaling, yoga, or just being in an incredible setting. You can also learn more about the experience on our yacht charter website  

Hikes & Ridge Scramble

There is a great trail just behind the house that leads to the valley below Mount Grandview. For the more experienced or if you'd like us to join you, there's a ridge scramble that leads to the summit and back.

Solo Experience

Randall will provide a facilitated solo, where you head out from the base with minimal gear and food, and be in nature all for one or two nights and days on your own. This can be a most transformative experience that is based on the "solo" or "sweatlodge" of the Lakota but we create our own experience rather that expropriating from native cultures. Before escorting you out to your private site along the river, we brief you on safety procedures and just as important - goals and the proper mind-framing before setting out. We'll have regularly scheduled check ins as well.   

Couples Communication - Open Hearted Listening

Relationship as a Spiritual Practice

What if there was a way to really be heard by your partner?  What if there was a way to get "unstuck?" What if the very obstacles you have struggled against in your relationship turned out to be the keys to a depth of love and harmony that you have only dreamed about?  And what if all this did not require years of hard work digging around in "the past," but was available now? 

Randall and Amanda Richards are offering a monthly meetup for interested couples in a emotionally safe environment based on the work by Don and Martha Rosenthal using a process called Open Hearted Listening.

Rock Climbing

A rock climbing experience can be facilitated for you on a small rock face not far from our property. This is a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, use the opportunity for family or team building or simply have some exercise. All equipment (helmets, harnesses, shoes and group climbing gear) is provided.

Sweat Lodge/Sauna

Randall is excited to lead a sweat lodge (sauna) experience for you. I can have the sweat lodge built prior to your arrival, however, I think there is great value in  leaning how build one, which includes finding the right rocks to heat, building a fire pit, layout, and of course the small structure itself, from sticks willow boughs and covering,   $110


Intuitive Reading Session

Randall has been giving intuitive readings for over 30 years, and feels honoured to offer this moving experience. Please see Randall's website for more info at  The cost for the session $95.


Music Therapy

Randall offers a music therapy session in our piano studio, (see the webpage) where you’d be relaxing in the studio next to the Steinway Grand. Randall has done music therapy for a variety of populations for many years, from Alzheimer's patients,to those looking for a relaxing opening to re-connect with themselves. I may play tunes, but just as often I play tones that resonate.  Being in the presence of such a beautiful instrument is powerful in its own rite, I just provide the healing energies! $75 per session More info on Randall's music background


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